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      msad75 wiki








MTA planning for October 1st and 10th



Strategies to integrate by level




M.S.A.D. 75 Summer Technology Institute


Summer Technology Institute brochure. 2009 Summer Institute Brochure2.pdf


NEW! M.S.A.D.  75  MLTI News Podcasts



Directions for MLTI Back Up



  • Watch a brief video orientation to wikis at Web2 Tools. Then share your ideas.
  • View our experiment using Voicethread to discuss technology standards at NETS-S Voice. Then tell us your ideas.
  • Read about some inspiring classroom uses of wikis at Classroom Applications and then share how you might apply them in your classes.
  • Read about inspiring community and service-learning projects in our district and then add one from your school: Service-Learning Projects.
  • Learn about NetDay Speak Up and then add your opinion with a few clicks so that we can make better decisions.
  • Learn about Assistive Technology and ways that we can help improve access for all members of our communities.
  • Start a New Wiki for a Project among teachers or members of a class.
  • ... Add your ideas here ...
  • Learn what's new with PBwiki in 2008 You will be amazed.
  • Decide to engage more fully and create an account and profile.

Other Links


MAMS Action Plan 2008-2009


End of year MLTI dates for Middle School

  • Use PBwiki to collaborate
  • Click "New Page" to create a universe of pages using pre-made templates
  • PBwiki FAQ
  • Get PBwiki tips & tricks at the PBwiki blog

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  1. Click on the Sandbox link
  2. Experiment with making changes to your own or other's experiments
  3. Enjoy your foray into 21st Century Learning

Comments (5)

SC Spaeth said

at 7:35 pm on Dec 17, 2007

I really like the TOC tool. Readers can easily use them and understand how useful they are. While these are static outlines (no collapsing or expanding), they help to show the structure of a piece. Miss McGuire, my eighth grade English teacher, urged us to outline our papers. While I didn't see it then, I am convinced now. These tools help to manage organizing your thoughts. In another PBwiki, I've created an outline template to evaluate this approach: http://techstudio.pbwiki.com/Outlining%20for%20Understanding

SC Spaeth said

at 9:02 am on Jan 1, 2008

I considered turning on the access via email feature of this site. With it enbabled, anyone who has an email address of the type: LastnameF@link75.org would be able to contribute to this wiki. Shall we enable it?

couturec@... said

at 10:03 pm on Jan 1, 2008

Steve: Let's run this by Sally & Kate for starters - I'm all for experimenting with the wiki to see what it can do for us; I'm not sure what the scope of this wiki is, but I like your idea.

SC Spaeth said

at 10:11 pm on Jan 1, 2008

Casey: Sounds like a good idea to me. Rosa told that students at the high school have district sponsored email accounts but I don't know whether theirs are to the @link75.org domain or to another variant that would influence the scope of this feature.

Anonymous said

at 4:55 pm on Jan 9, 2008

I beleive the the school accounts are to the link75.org domain.

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